Here are our volunteers so far – if you want to get involved with Rockin the Bowl and be part of Sheffield’s rock history – give us a shout on rockinthebowl@gmail.com and join the Facebook Group.

We are happy and proud to welcome the following people:
Kate Durham¬†who will be dealing with event catering for the bands and crew (bands…get you orders in now ūüôā )

Helping Kate will be Liz Townend and Rich Townend, thanks for your support, guys.
Andrew Bacon Health and Safety Officer
Mark Richardson who will have the job of making sure the bands get to and from the venue in good time to rip the shit out of Don Valley Bowl.
Asheley Curless¬†Who will be doing the hugely important job of getting the word out there into Facebook land and beyond and handing out flyers….vital work.
Michelle Mellows¬†and her fabulous daughter will be doing the same thing as Asheley right here on our doorstep in Sheffield and all over Facebook and Twitter too…excellent.
Special thanks to¬†Nic Rudd¬†who has been a real star…not only playing on the Sheffield stage with Sour Tusk but offering any kind of help along the way.

We are very happy that Anthony Cronshaw will be our backstage volunteer manager, a guy with lots of experience putting on events. Welcome to the team \m/

Great news! Andy Potts has kindly offered his know-how and support and will now be our Forged in Hell Stage manager, making sure everything runs like clockwork.

Also, so many people have offered to do bits and pieces, that we can’t list all of them here separately, but we appreciate your help boys and girls.

Pushing the news all over Twitter and coordinating the front of house volunteers on the day will be the awesome Clare Merritt.

Young Izabelle Hughes is going to be spreading the word on Instagram because… to be honest… we haven’t got a clue how to work it!

With some great events as a well respected DJ under his belt its a pleasure to introduce¬†Alan Savill¬†to Rockin’ the Bowl who is going to ensure that there will be a stream of quality sounds and favourite rock classics throughout the day as the man behind the decks…

Many thanks for doing us a great service and being there for the 1st ever RTB \m/