We are working on securing a reasonably priced car parking facility for the duration of the festival. More details and maps to follow.

If you prefer, you can use the Park & Ride facilities and arrive on the tram. Here is all the info and maps: Travel South Yorkshire. There will be Rockin the Bowl Marshals available in the Park and Ride to help with directions and ticket machines.

If you are arriving to Sheffield by train, you can either arrive into Sheffield Meadowhall or Sheffield Central Station.

Sheffield Meadowhall is the closest to the Bowl and is best suited for those travelling from Doncaster, Rotherham, Mexborough etc.
If you are on a train which doesn’t stop at Meadowhall, you will get to Sheffield Central station.

People coming from Manchester, Derby and Nottingham areas will arrive directly to Sheffield Central anyway.

Either way, the best mode of transport onwards is the tram, both from Meadowhall (Yellow route towards city centre, get off at Arena/Olympic Legacy Park) and from Sheffield Central (Blue/Purple route towards city centre, change at the next stop (Ponds Forge/Fitzalan Square), cross to the opposite platform and get on Yellow route towards Meadowhall or Tram/Train route towards Rotherham). Get off at Arena/Olympic Legacy Park stop.

There are many ticket options available, which are just for Sheffield or which cover a wider area and many modes of transports. Best bet is to go on the Travel South Yorkshire website or call them on 01709 515151.

Briefly, the day ticket is £4.20 per person, for tram only. Or you could go for the SY Connect ticket, which is £8.50 and covers most of South Yorkshire on all modes of transport – please check their website before purchasing. There are also famly and group tickets available, which offer good value on travel. Get in touch with Travel South Yorkshire for details.

There are many good coach links between Sheffield the rest of the world, especially Leeds, Manchester, London and Derby. If you are travelling by National Express or Megabus, these drop you off at Sheffield Interchange and Sheffield Meadowhall Interchange respectively.

Either way, your best bet for your onward journey is the Tram.

If you arrive at Sheffield Inetrchange, go out of the station via the exit away from the train station and head towards either Ponds Forge/Fitszalan Square or Castle Square which are your two closes tram stops. Get on the Yellow tram route towards Meadowhall or the Tram/Train route towards Rotherham. Get off at Arena/Olympic Legacy Park tram stop. Enjoy!

If you arrive into Meadowhall Interchange, simply follow the signs for the trams and get on the Yellow tram route towards City Centre. Get off at Arena/Olympic Legacy Park stop.

There are various tickets available, please ask the conductor for the best one for your needs. Day ticket is £4.20 and group tickets are available.



While there is camping on site this is limited and with Rockin The Bowl being a city festival there are plenty of hotels available both in Sheffield City Centre and the surrounding area.  Most of these are accessible via public transport:

Prices range from £35 -£190+ depending on star- rating, length of stay, and number of party.

Hotels Map Sheffield