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Ladies and Gentlemen.
Here are the details of the social distanced LIVE gig next month and a CLEAR and comprehensive guide of what to expect.
    1. Before we go further…you ARE allowed to go to a gig but you must stay in groups of six or less and you cannot socialise with other groups. So…without further ado let’s move on.
    2. Tickets are cost £10 each and will be e-tickets that can be printed or shown at the door when you arrive…you will get an email.
  • The age limit is 14+ (under 18s need to be accompanied by an adult).
  • This is an all seated gig.
  • Tickets will be sold on a ‘table allocation’ basis. This means that when you buy tickets, you will buy a WHOLE table. For example…if there are 4 of you coming as a group then you buy a table for 4 and sit together at that table… If there are 3 of you coming, you will have to purchase the 4-seater table option. This ensures that we fully adhere to the new rules.
  • Please make sure your party arrive together to avoid people mixing inside the venue.
  • There will be 5 x two person tables, 12 x four person tables, and 6 x six person tables available for this gig, making a total number of 94 tickets for this show
  • There will be a drink app available with table service…no need to visit the bar. A combination of cash and card will be needed for this event…if you’re old school and only use cash..we can make it work for you somehow…no worries!
  • There will be plenty of chances to get up/go to the toilet or visit the Merch stand in a separate room between bands etc…we have ensured that there will be plenty of room to move around while still keeping distances within guidelines…please use common sense at pinch points such as toilets etc.
  • The Corporation staff are nice people and will not be using a militant or heavy handed approach and we (being rock fans) will give them no cause to want to.
  • We will email you your tickets shortly. Please be patient, we are going to do this manually to avoid any misunderstandings. Also, please provide your phone number at checkout to ensure quick and smooth communication.
  • All that remains is to ask you all to support this event…it has been a long time waiting for live music to be back on the table and now it is, lets make it work and show the powers that be we CAN do this well…as the poster says…it’s ‘part 1’. If it works out we will do everything possible to make sure ‘part 2’ and ‘part 3’ will happen. THANK YOU ALL.

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