Falling Red

 FALLING RED are a bunch of stylish, Cumbrian-based, lifeblood heavy-rockers who deliver exhilarating live music to everyone they meet.
Their sleaze meister rock ‘n’ roll metal numbers are mostly assembled by two scuzzle-highway, sweat-sockers named Rozey (pronounced “Rosie” — he’s the frontman of the band and their lead guitarist) and Dave (he’s the drummer). Dave & Rozey have played in the band since its formation. They establish the songs which become thunderously embellished by the other founder-member (welcome back the original angry-man Shane on guitar) and Mikey, who joined the band later, who plays bass. Everybody offers vocals.

Famously, these British good-time rockers do not take themselves too seriously, “When we play live shows we find we need to participate in all the party-time antics, so we offer thrill-rides a-plenty. We supply vibrating sensations, ecstatic tingles and the best rockin’ time of your life.”

Despite their crazy hair, entertaining use of industrial-strength make-up and general randy-dandiness, these Cumbrian dirt-moguls are not posers from the suburbs. No, they’re gallant protagonists of an impoverished state, proud of their humble rural condition. As a result, they’ve found they need to work around the clock to get themselves heard.

Falling Red, tip to toe :
Heads: 4
Legs: 8
Fingers: about 32
Brains: unknown configuration
Where: Northwest England
What: Hard rock
File beside: The Almighty, Guns N’Roses, Stone Sour
Distinct entities:
Rozey (lead vocals & lead guitar); Dave Sanders (drums & vocals); Mikey Lawless (bass & Vocals) and Shane Kirk (guitar & vocals).

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