Updated 02/05/2020
Like every festival or gig not yet postponed or cancelled, Rockin the Bowl has kept a close eye on the ongoing problem.
Having closely observed the feeling out there…especially on other festivals social media platforms, people seem to be 50/50 on the subject of whether there will be any shows this year.
The RTB team has discussed this and we have agreed upon the following official statement:
We want to give you complete transparency and not leave anything out.

1) RTB has no intention to postpone or cancel the event at this current time. It is difficult to juggle the decision to stop the festival prematurely, with leaving it too late and frustrating our supporters. We are still over four months away from the event. Nobody knows how long the virus is going to be here for and we feel that to call a halt to an event that still has just as much chance of going ahead as it has of not going ahead at this stage is premature.

2) What is irresponsible, in our opinion, is to keep holding out and pretending everything will be just fine. If there is no significant improvement to the situation as the date of the festival approaches we have decided on a cut-off point. If it gets to within 2 months of the festival and there are still no mass gatherings allowed….we will cancel the show because the chances of the UK going from ‘no gig scenario’ to ‘everything is fine’ in such a short space of time is too slim to be confident of not letting everyone down at the last minute. If the powers that be put a legal restriction of up to 500 people gathering together (this figure has been doing the rounds)…..we will cancel the show. If we went ahead with less than 500 attendees it would be financially disastrous for us, but more importantly…we would need to choose from our current ticket holders, who doesn’t get to go…we cannot justify that under any circumstances.

3) If Rockin the Bowl happens in September 2020, we will be operating with sensible precautions in place so that everyone stays as safe as possible. We have a 12,000 capacity outdoor venue so we will have ample space to work with. We will put a one way entrance/exit system in place (including arena to camping access points, toilets, marquee etc). Extra wash and hygiene stations will be added. Masks will be available on request. We will put social distancing in place at all ‘pinch points’ such as bar/merch stands/ vendors and encourage people to remain sensible. Back stage will be catered for as well.

4) If RTB cannot go ahead…we will postpone until the following September 2021. We will not treat this as a cancellation, the reasons for which will become clear below (point 6)…we want to treat you right…you are our reason to exist after all.

5) In the event of postponement we promise our ticket agent… Skiddle, will honour refund requests. We have received an email from them stating that this is within their own policies and refunds will be paid promptly with minimal fuss. HOWEVER…..

6) Of course we wouldn’t want you to claim a refund, we love you! If this year is a no go, we have secured the same 2020 line-up to play the 2021 festival. Not instead of a 2021 line up…AS WELL AS a 2021 line up. In short we will hold a special one off 2 day festival and EVERY 2020 ticket that has been bought before cancellation of 2020 will be valid! (We already have 4 more top NWOCR bands booked onto the bill)

7) In event of further information becoming available from the government we will act accordingly and the above is not 100% set in stone.

8) At this time, we are not asking anyone to buy tickets and we are not asking anyone to not buy tickets…this is a simple statement of intent.

Stay safe, be healthy and Rock on! Peace.