LATEST UPDATE: 12/02/2021

There is still uncertainty and confusion throughout the live music industry as to if, whether, and when we will be able to enjoy gigs and festivals. To this end we can assure you that Rockin the Bowl festival is proceeding, with caution, with our plans to bring a safe and secure rock party to Don Valley Bowl in September 2021. Here is what we can tell you so far:

THE LINE UP we have on our latest posters is still valid, including Doro. Despite the well documented issues connected to Brexit and visa regulations, she will be in the UK and headlining our show as planned. If any of our bands are unable to play the event we will let you guys know as soon as we do and offer a replacement band of comparable size and style.

THE DATES for Rockin the Bowl are not moving. We still intend to be at Don Valley Bowl on the 10th/11th/12th September 2021.

ADMITTANCE to the event will be fully in accordance with all legal requirements at the time. We refuse to ‘cut corners’ or compromise with the safety of attendees under any circumstances.

SOCIAL DISTANCING at a rock festival is impossible to achieve effectively without sucking the atmosphere from the event in our opinion. We will apply as many health and hygiene measures as we need to in order to bring you the show but if strict and unworkable social distancing laws are still in place by September, we will not go ahead with the event.

FULL REFUNDS, including your booking fee, will be made to you promptly and without quibble in the event of postponement. Obviously, if this unhappy situation were to happen we would be extremely grateful if ticket holders rolled over to 2022 but we fully understand that sometimes this is not possible.

The RTB team would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your continued support of the festival and all the amazing bands and venues out there who wouldn’t have made it this far without you.

Stay strong! Stay positive! Stay safe! We will see each other soon and it will be awesome.


Good morning everyone.

Thank you for your superb support of Rockin the Bowl festival 2020.

It is with a feeling of deep sorrow and regret, but with an air of the inevitable, that we have decided that this year’s event will not go ahead.

The RTB team discussed every aspect of this situation, including a long and involved meeting last night about the recent announcements about live music. We tried every possible scenario whereby the event could go ahead but in the end it was always going to come down to the government’s continued lack of real clarity where popular music events are concerned, and the status of the virus itself.

To address the government stance… we are still somewhat in the dark about how live music can return to the UK… it could be all seated, it could be a hugely limited attendance… absolutely nobody knows the answer to this at this point. We think that to continue to wait until the last minute is irresponsible and unfair to our supporters, who will need to make a decision on what to do with regards to hotels, travel, booking time off work, and whether they wish to retain the ticket for the 2021 event or to get a refund, and a whole host of other things.

Even based upon what we can figure out after Thursday’s info… if we were to go ahead as it stands now, RTB would have to do away with our marquee (Steel) stage. This is technically ‘indoors’ and presents a very real risk to all who would be playing/watching attending. The support of the local scene is integral to RTB and to simply ditch all our local bands would be against everything we stand for. (Transferring them onto the outdoor stage is unworkable due to set lengths and increased change over times for deep cleaning of the stage area).

With the rules of zero shouting/cheering and singing and the 2m/1m distancing in front of the stage would turn this into a very watered down and somewhat weak version of a rock and roll show… something we are very much against. RTB is a festival with a party feel and this would not feel right.

As for the virus itself… it’s most definitely still out there and as Leicester and a couple of other locations have proven; it can flare up anytime/anywhere. Rotherham (just outside Sheffield has numbers rising again!) A localised lockdown of the Sheffield area on or leading up to the show would be an absolute disaster.

Above all, your safety come first… and the safety of the artists, staff, contractors, volunteers and the general population within the area. We have quite a few ticket holders that are in one of the higher risk categories. Based on your questionnaire responses, 88% of the attendees have not been tested for CV19 and almost 60% are in the high risk age group of 50 plus. When it comes to CV19 and if even a single person were to contract the virus as a result of attending the event, this is one person too many. In addition, the event could possibly be responsible for creating a local spike in Covid cases. Please take time to review our full risk assessment in the pdf attached below.

It would be much too long a statement if we included everything discussed however, you are more than welcome to ask us absolutely anything.


1) All tickets are fully refundable without quibble via Skiddle (any issues please contact us).

2) All tickets will be valid for the full weekend 2021 festival if you want to roll over.

3) Anybody having problems cancelling or rescheduling hotel bookings…please contact us and we will negotiate with the hotels on your behalf…we have a little bit of sway in this field.

4) The new 2021 line up for the 3 day (Friday afternoon to Sunday night) will be announced THIS EVENING AT 5PM.

A massive, massive thank you to every last one of you….those who spread the word, those who bought the tickets, those who deliver the tunes, to those who make up the RTB team, to those who supply the equipment, and most important…to those who support live rock music because without you….Rockin’ the Bowl and many like us simply wouldn’t exist.

All the best and see you on the other side

Steve, Zhany and the entire RTB team.

Stay safe, be healthy and Rock on! Peace.